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Io-‘dining’ Smart: Foods To Improve Iodine Intake

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Iodine-Rich Foods

You like food, right? Yeah, we knew it. While you’re out there trying to eat healthily, it’s important to make sure what you’re eating has you covered on iodine supplement benefits.

Over 70 countries around the world add iodine to their salt in order to prevent iodine deficiency. Why do people need iodine? For one, it supercharges your thyroid gland, which carries out essential functions in your body: metabolism, weight maintenance, and energy. Fortunately, there are a bunch of delicious foods with mineral nutrients that can act as iodine supplements. Let’s get you well-fed and equally iodized.



Fish is healthy for a number of reasons and low-fatty fish are excellent supplements against iodine deficiency. In this case, white fish like Cod is wonderful. The same goes for fish that are wild-caught versus farm-raised, as wild-caught is generally leaner.


Things that grow

Lima beans, prunes, and seaweed are wonderful sources of iodine. We’re not saying you need to make a smoothie with all three ingredients in them, because that’d be strange, to say the least. Separately they’re wonderful. Seaweed salads and seaweed wraps around sushi are great and delicious. Prunes, prune juice, and, yes, smoothies, are also wonderful. Lima beans can decorate any number of salads and a variety of prepared dishes. Get creative.


Eggs, dairy

Finally, eggs and dairy are the most common iodine supplemental foods to consume on a daily basis. Wonderful for children who aren’t generally as apt to consume fish, seaweed, or prunes, a glass of milk or a yogurt with a breakfast of a couple eggs is a great daily boost. Throw some iodized salt on the eggs and you’ve got yourself a hearty, iodine strong meal while the sun is still low.

Iodine is easier to find than you might’ve first thought. Give your body what it needs with iodine-rich foods and you’ll find your stomach, metabolism, energy levels, and taste buds will thank you.

We understand that abiding by iodine rich diets can sometimes be difficult in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That’s why supplements exist outside of foods. While maintaining a balanced diet as often as you can, bolster your iodine intake with our iodine supplements.

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