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Shield Bearer, Inc., with its product called Magnascent Iodine, is a company which was founded in order to help individuals, clinics, and doctors by supplying a quality iodine supplement with unique properties. We are interested in finding wholesalers who wish to sell our product through their brick and mortar business or successful independent website. By completing and signing an application for nascent iodine wholesale purchases, the company (whether a clinic, doctor, or wholesaler) who purchases from Shield Bearer agrees to the following:

  1. We will not adulterate, dilute, re-bottle, or add any substance to Magnascent Iodine in any way.
  2. We will endeavor to educate the end user to the correct use in order to ensure effectiveness of the product.
  3. We will request approval from Shield Bearer, Inc. for changes to the product name or label(s) under which the product will be marketed to the consumer.
  4. We will market the product so that the disclaimer is readily apparent to the consumer, as well as, suggested instructions, manufactured for, and ingredients.
  5. We will not re-sell product to another individual/wholesaler for the purpose of re-selling the product.
  6. The buyer and the business entity will be liable on any credit purchases or credit extensions and pay all reasonable attorney fees, collection agency fees, court costs and legal fees in the event of default or failure to pay.

For questions or concerns regarding iodine distribution, contact us at (817) 444-4204. We are happy to assist you and your business.

    This will only be used for communication with you. We will NOT sell, trade or make public any of this information.

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