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Boost energy levels and get all the health benefits with nascent iodine drops from MAGNASCENT. We offer nascent iodine for sale for both personal and wholesale use.

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  • 1 ounce will supply an individual for 5 months. Dropper included for precise dosage.
  • Does not expire!

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    “Has a very mild taste and has kept my immune system great … co-workers and family have all had colds and flu, but I have not missed a day of work or pleasure in a year since taking this product!”

    – Sandi

    “This is the best! I have been taking it for more than 2 years! I take it in water first thing in the morning. It doesn’t taste bad, and I haven’t been sick for a long time! I recommend this to all my friends. Great product!”

    – Alison Cahill

    “I heard that nascent iodine helps to open the pineal gland so I ordered Magnascent. I was drawn to the company from other brands on Amazon; started taking three drops in a little water, holding in my mouth for a minute, then swallowing and drinking more water twice a day. The first couple of weeks I didn’t notice that much but after those weeks, when I take the iodine and then go sit in meditation, I’m having incredible openings. I’ve never been able to get anywhere with meditation but now I can’t wait to sit quietly. I also have low thyroid and I’ve taken iodine pills for years but never had this type of experience. Also, glad to hear it’s a Texas company! Thank you!“

    – Lee