Centered on Trust. Rooted in Quality.

From our sustainable sourcing methods to our in-house manufacturing process, quality is a cornerstone of our MAGNASCENT Iodine™.

End-to-End Quality without Compromise

At the heart of our MAGNASCENT Iodine is years of research surrounding nascent iodine and the most effective formulation methods. Every step of the way, we embrace clean manufacturing practices while exclusively using the purest possible iodine. Our A+ BBB® rating, Governor’s Small Business Award, and Eurofins Scientific Good Manufacturing Practices certification showcase our sustained commitment to excellence.

At the Crossroads of Compliance and Innovation

Within each bottle of our patented, USA-made MAGNASCENT Iodine is a uniquely formulated blend with a nearly two-decade track record of trust. Our nascent iodine products:

  • Undergo rigorous QA measures before distribution
  • Are free from gluten, heavy metals, and GMOs
  • Include accurate and transparent labels
  • And leverage eco-friendly sourcing

Even with the long-standing reputation of our brand, we are still constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to improve. By maintaining 360° of our production process in-house, we keep up with cutting-edge research while adopting agile product and process improvements.

Committed to Transparency

We build enduring relationships with our wholesale partners while ensuring seamless communication at every turn.
For questions and inquiries, we invite you to contact us today.

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