History & Nascent Iodine Patent Information

We are the Magnascent Division of Shield Bearer, LLC., which was formed in Texas in 2006. This corporation was formed in order to function as the legal entity investigating, producing, and distributing this unique form of iodine, called Magnascent Iodine.

John Brookshire and his wife, June, are the primary owners of this corporation. John was an aerospace engineer, with a strong interest in holistic health. John researched the process and formulated this consumable form of nascent iodine.

MAGNASCENT is family owned and operated; from left to right are John’s sons, Matthew, Jonathan and Daniel Brookshire.

The original purpose was to supply a product that could be used to help treat iodine barren areas, but as John shared his iodine, word spread of its encouraging results in a variety of applications. This led to the need to produce more and more product and to accept payment for the iodine. Research and development of this iodine product is ongoing, having started with various universities and currently expanding to projects which investigate its use and how to explain the properties of this product scientifically.

Because we are in the unique position of discovering this consumable form of nascent iodine, we applied for, obtained a patent of this discovery and celebrate the achievement of this goal. We believe that we have discovered the only process for making a consumable form of nascent iodine.

John Brookshire Family