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5 Fast Facts You Should Know About Iodine

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An Important Mineral Nutrient to the Human Body

Iodine is one of the most important mineral nutrients to the human body. And yet despite its importance, many people don’t fully understand why people need iodine and what role it plays in bodily functions. So to give you a little more insight into the importance of iodine, let’s take a look at a few facts about this essential nutrient.


 Your thyroid needs iodine to function.

Your thyroid is an essential organ — it helps regulate your metabolism, immune system, cellular function, and more. And without sufficient iodine, your thyroid may not work properly. When someone experiences low levels of iodine, they may be at risk for developing conditions like hypothyroidism.


Global iodine deficiency is continuing to grow.

Unfortunately, iodine deficiency is still a major concern. In fact, over the past three decades, iodine levels have decreased by 50% and about 72% of people around the world are deficient in iodine. When diets consist of mainly processed foods, the absorption of iodine can easily be disrupted. Because of this, iodine supplements are becoming more and more popular.


There are plenty of iodine-rich foods. 

To make sure you’re getting all of the health benefits of iodine, you should be eating iodine-rich foods. These foods may include things like seaweed, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables. Eating iodine-rich foods is an easy way to ensure you’re getting the necessary iodine health benefits.


Pregnant women need more iodine.

Because pregnant women are responsible for meeting the dietary needs of themselves and their developing fetus, they may need to increase their iodine intake. Pregnancy puts women at a higher risk of developing an iodine deficiency, especially if they don’t consume dairy products. Expecting mothers should discuss their iodine needs with their doctors on a regular basis.


You can consume too much iodine.

While there are numerous health benefits of iodine, there are health risks that can be seen with too much iodine. Excessive iodine intakes often show similar symptoms to inadequate levels of iodine, with thyroid problems being most prominent. So while it’s a good idea to ensure you’re getting enough iodine, make sure you’re not overindulging.

Iodine plays a key role in keeping us feeling healthy and strong. Without enough iodine, you can experience adverse effects — so make sure you’re getting enough of this essential nutrient.

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