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Nascent Iodine Reviews

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Sally Martin
June 24, 2019

Check out Magnascent Iodine! Great family-owned business!

Hello. My journey started 4 years ago. I woke up one day and was in thyroid induced Graves disease. It really happened that quick! A week later i was in complete " heart failure"! I should have died but the Lord had another plan. Thank Heaven and all the Angels. anyway, I went to see a holistic Dr. and I lost down to 98 pounds and was totally emaciated because if you dont have enough minerals in the body you are DEAD. I was not able to eat because i didnt have what it took to process food.. Back to the Dr. visit. I knew somehow I needed iodine, I believe it was the Holy Spirit directing me to get some. Just so happens the naturopath I went to had a sample of Nascent iodine. We have been taught to fear iodine so i wasnt taking enough of it, but was taking it. My heart rate was so high i couldnt leave the bed to go pee. I went like this for 2 weeks probably. So one morning i sat up and thought Im gonna take at least 10 drops of the iodine. Instantly my heart beat was normal. I cant tell the joy and relief i felt. Nascent iodine saved my life. There is so much more to this story, but there you have it. Take iodine! This one. I would have never survived on a different one. My body didnt have what it took to break down a different one. I actually didnt even have any lymph left in my body either. THANK YOU MAGNASCENT IODINE FOR SAVING MY LIFE!

Robbie Hager

Has a very mild taste and has kept my immune system great...co-workers and family have all had colds and flu, but I have not missed a day of work or pleasure in a year since taking this product!


I love this stuff. I have experimented (up and down with dosages, cycling on and off) for a few months now and find that this form (nascent) of iodine works well for my body (I have tried several other forms of iodine in the past). I currently use three drops per day (I have four decades since my birth in/as a human male body of approximately 70 kilos) and find benefits for appetite regulation, endocrine function, and immunity. I encourage everyone to do their own research and experimentation, carefully, taking intuition and logic together into consideration.

Isaac A. Boatright

This stuff gives me back my strength! It's amazing!! I put 5 drops into some tomato juice every day, then throw it back with a Selenium capsule--they work synergistically I'm told. Then I can go ALL day. Wow!

Madame Anastasia

I love the manufacturer of this product, very professional and the best customer service on the planet. Magnascent Iodine sells extremely well. I am happy to present such a high quality product to my customers.

Bev The VitaminBaron

This is the best! I have been taking it for more than 2 years! I take it in water first thing in the morning. It doesn't taste bad, and I haven't been sick for a long time! I recommend this to all my friends. Great product!

Alison Cahill