Welcome to our new website and blog!

Welcome to Magnascent!

Whether you’re brand new to our site or a returning visitor, we’re so glad you’re here! We love talking about iodine! We hope you’re enjoying the new look as much as we do.  We’re still the same Magnascent from Azle, Texas that has been producing pure nascent iodine from the very beginning. We welcome you to learn about why being iodine sufficient is such a core part of being healthy and focused. If you have trouble finding something you’re used to seeing, or have any questions please click the “Contact Us” section to reach out to us. Thank you for visiting!

Who is Magnascent?

Magnascent is a small veteran owned business in North Texas, established in 2006. Using a patented process that results in the only nascent form of iodine, we endeavor to provide people all over the world with a micro-nutrient that so many diets lack. We donate our products and support charity organizations in Africa and India that strive to do the most good in severely iodine deficient areas. Magnascent has lead the way in providing a consumable form of nascent iodine since 2006, but beware! There are imitators out there that will claim to know the breakthrough process we discovered that results in nascent iodine.

Magnascent Mission Statement

We intend to keep telling the world about nascent iodine in hopes that it will rid the world of iodine deficiency. Please join us in keeping current about what is happening in the world of health and learning about various ways of staying healthy. You can bookmark our news page to follow our progress, as well as like us on Facebook.  Talk to us about Iodine! We hope to make this a two-way conversation that leads to everyone learning something! Once again, thank you so much for visiting.

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