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Missionary Feedback from Iodine

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Multitudes are suffering and really they don’t have much hope of any kind to recover. Thank you Jesus we have a God that has some great people out there that are experiencing results and giving a hope of recovery, and that health is part of the plan that Our Heavenly Father has for the human race. Here is a strange case I will relate as correctly as I can as it was related to me. A man was in an accident and had his leg nearly severed as it was only held on by some skin and flesh only on one side. He is in an unsanitary hospital room and no one to give him much hope of recovery. The leg is somehow sowed on again. Recovery is slow and contamination begins to do it’s life threating work. After some months he is sent home with little hope of much help or recovery. A brace is given to help his wasting away leg so he can walk. He now has open weeping sores at many places over his leg which is now nearly 10 inches plus in diameter. It is only painful and cumbersome. Maybe death would offer some hope but then yes a kind friend said here is 4 bottles of something that may help you if you will use it, I personally believe in it. here are 4 bottles put 10 drops into a glass of water and drink it all at once and do this in the morning before you eat anything , again in the evening the same. the other bottle just take a ball of cotton and put 10 or 20 drops on it and then bath the weeping sores with it, maybe 4 or 5 times a day. Without any more to do de left his hopeless friend to now find out what he now is experiencing. It’s now 3 weeks later. and the previous hope less man now is rejoicing as he no longer needs the brace, the swelling is 30% less the cancerous wounds no longer weep everything is healing and the dying soul is now rejoicing and he knows there is now hope as he is so much better and well he just is feeling as if he will now make it. What is this miracle working stuff anyway?? Whatever it is it is a gift from God to me as a person who had no hope. Thank you for the dark muty. April 2012


Missionaries in Africa reference Magnascent Iodine as ‘DM’

Brother John,
Let me just now take a bit of time for you as you have been asking me and I have been just too busy. To say the least I believe that this is the greatest attribute to mankind since the Ford car or even before the Ford. I believe if the human body has sufficient iodine then the body is healthy. I am not a scientist so I cannot tell you what all happens but I was told after the Dr. looked at my blood work as he was looking at it and then at me for 4 minutes or more. I asked him what do you see? He then shook his head and said, “you are extremely healthy”! He then asked what do you do? I then began to tell him what we use and he was amazed.

What I know is this, Since 2000 I have been experimenting with Magnascent (dark muty DM) iodine. I do not have enough time to tell you all that it is or what it has done for us. It is not shy of any infection or of any virus. It just loves to eat parasites, ameba, any parasites in the body, It just eats them all. Malaria is something we experience every month for years already, since the early 80’s. But since I take 20 drops a day I no longer have malaria or any symptoms of it and I am strong and fit, Praise Jesus!

When we do not have the antibiotics we need we use the DM and it works the same nearly every time. Dosage differs a bit for different illnesses but it is still the DM that dose the work. We now make our own cough medicine and use it in absence of antibiotics with the greatest results. It is just amazing to see what all it takes the place of. And recently hiv patients even with open wounds, herpes, they report after 2 days that they felt so good in a long time. And soon they go home well and strong after they already had two legs in the grave. Staph infection is no longer any threat. DM loves it too.

Bless you
Stephen Fisher

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